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About The Institute
Founded in 1999, the Institute is dedicated to promoting the development of human civilization through research and education of the public. The Institute focuses on developments in civilizational dynamics and technology that will have substantial impact on society and the individual, but which are often misunderstood or are simply not adequately discussed in more conventional media.

Through the Centre for Personal Sovereignty, The Institute educates the public on the development of the personal sovereignty movement as a more mature replacement for republican democracy. Our support of New Nation Projects such as "Jeffersonia" and the "Chesapeake Republic" are but one aspect of our research into the Personal Sovereignty paradigm.

Our Centre for the Pursuit of Happiness focuses on why so many people in today's world are basically unhappy, and offers possible answers and pathways to happiness for the lost and confused. We hold the view that knowing thyself and being thyself are key, and we uncover possible reasons why so many of us have difficulty with these simple concepts.

Through our Centre for Human Evolution the Institute focuses on ways that human society is progressing to a new level of development. The Mission of the CHE is to help to clarify the nature of human evolutionary change that is underway, and to assist those who wish to encourage such evolution in positive directions.



The Institute's Centre for Space Colonization is dedicated to exploring the best ways that humanity can spread itself throughout the physical universe. From the highlighting of new technologies to the transition from government-driven space programs to private ventures, the CSC works towards the colonization of outer space.

The Better Future Foundation Press is our publishing arm that produces informative books and materials in pursuit of our Mission.

Through the Institute Book Store, the Institute makes available the latest books and other educational materials covering issues of interest to our visitors.

Donations to the Institute can be made and are welcomed.

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